This is the personal Marillion fan page of Steve Gutteridge.

Miscellaneous Memorabilia

Marbles promo postcard.
I have some spares of this if anyone has something similar to swap

Flyer (A5)

A Shot in the Dark Flyer (A5)

Vinyl sticker (10x10cm)
from .com era. No idea
where I got this from. Might have been free when I joined The Web

Between You and Me CD insert. Buy one get one free

Postcard from Christmas 2004. This, and the patch below, came free with a T-shirt sporting a similar image. Probably rare.

Postcard. I think this came free with my ticket to the Wembley Arena concert of 3rd Nov 1987. Probably rare.

Steve Rothery Guitar Pick from Marbles tour. Silver embossed with signature and marbles logo

Sew-on patch (10x5cm). Came free with a T-shirt and the postcard above. Probably rare.

Lanyard from The Web Holland. Purchased at 2009 Convention.

Barry Keyring. Metal. Very desirable.

Set of 5 Barry badges.

Marbles car sticker (image reversed). I didn't buy this, so it must have come free with something.