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The following artworks are all drawn by myself.  Click on an image to view the full resolution version.
Marillion - I'm Lovin it
I couldn't resist adapting the McDonalds golden arches and their Lovin' it slogan to support something altogether more wholesome...
Marillion - I'm Lovin' it
Songs about death and water
The only official copy of this logo that I could find was a tiny image on the Marillion website, and I needed a really high resolution one to put on a T-shirt, so I set about drawing it from scratch to produce this massive version.
Songs About Death and Water since 1979
Marillion - Love it or Hate it
The Marmite slogan "You either Love it or Hate it" seems to apply to Marillion's music just as much as to this black sticky yeast-based spread which, for the purposes of our Antipodean cousins, is like Vegemite, only better.  Or not, if you're one of the ones who hates it.
Marillion - Love it or Hate it
Enjoy Marillion
Sickly, sweet, effervescent, stimulating. That's Marillion.
Enjoy Marillion
Marillion Weekend 2009 - Seasons End
I've drawn this by taking the Center Parcs logo and building the necessary letters for Seasons End either by copying from the orginal Center Parcs characters, where available, or by cutting up bits of the characters to form new ones (for the "E", "o" and "d"). This was put on a T-shirt for the 2009 Convention.
Seasons End Convention 2009
Marillion Weekend 2011 - Holidays in Eden
These images are lifted off the Marillion Weekend website, but required quite a bit of editting and touching up to get the colours right and to get them big enough to go on a T shirt.
Holiday in Eden Stamp

Holidays in Eden Postal Frank
Marillion Windows Themes
Download Marillion themes for Windows 10 (work in progress)
Spinning Marbles logo

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